Our Story

Welcome to Forever & Ava!
This super duper tutu brand was born in the basement of a grand old house somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


So the story goes, we went into a little shop somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and saw rolls and rolls of super glorious tulle in every imaginable colour just sitting on a shelf. We thought there and then that we MUST do something about it. 
Meanwhile, little Ava, who was about 14 months at the time, was getting herself tangled up in some nasty nylon and polyester ensemble.
And so, armed with our glorious tulle, we created the Forever & Ava tutu. Made with 100% cotton lining, french seams, and a fully elasticated waistband to ensure comfort for little ones who are constantly on the go (and who aren't necessarily into ballet).

Ava is now 4 (turning 5, as she says), and new addition Lucy (age 2), we have grown to become the "go-to" for anyone looking for good quality, well-made and fun tutu inspired skirts.

Proudly designed, sourced, and made in Malaysia.  
Thank you for all your support,
Olivia, Fiona, Sally, Ava & Lucy xxx
you can contact us via email at shop@foreverandava.com